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Salvare Oceanum

Welcome to the Salvare Oceanum hack website! This website was made to educate users like you about two critical issues concerning the coral reefs in our oceans.

Those issues are climate change and pollution. Now, the fact is that pollution and climate change are human driven. Meaning that they are mainly, if not completely, caused by humans. So on this site, we are going to go into a few topics, including the following:

Why Coral Reefs are important

Coral reefs are the most diverse ecosystem in the world! Even though the reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, coral reefs support about 25% of all marine species and more than half a billion people rely on coral reefs for food. The coral reefs are a beautiful gift to us all, and it is a shame that we humans are one of the main reasons as to why its dying. In fact, scientists estimate that we’ve already lost as much as half of all coral reefs since 1980, and some fear that we could lose the rest in just 30 years." -Oceanic Society: Coral Reefs and Climate Change

Organisms that are affected by plastic polution and many more:

Coral: a crucial organism in the ocean.

Turtles: another important organism that resides in the ocean.